Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Triker's update

To put your minds at rest, no, I haven't stopped triking, despite the month's silence on the blog - I've just had so many other things on my mind.

I've been on a couple of longer rides after work. Earlier in June, shortly after my last entry, I went round the south coast of the city, and in the west harbour I spotted these stainless steel spheres.

Later on my way home, disaster struck once again!

For some reason the chain parted, and I was pedalling fresh air briefly, till I realised what had happened. About 10 yards back down the road I found the one part and managed to hook the chain back together, but without the other plate it was too risky to ride. I wheeled the trike back down the road about half a mile, looking for the plate, but it was a bit like the old needle in a haystack. Fortunately I had spare ones at home, and soon got it fixed.

On a more recent ride to the eastern shopping centre I took a new route, and found myself on a bridge I didn't know of before.

The trains sometimes run overhead as you're walking or cycling underneath! One went over while I was there.

An even more recent ride took me round the main park north of the centre. I went clockwise, and found routes I hadn't been on before. I ended up at the old town, where the river gently pours itself over a weir.

This is the same place as in my March post Missed a day - but made up for it the next! but from the opposite direction.