Thursday, May 22, 2008

Didn't stop triking, just writing!

No, of course I couldn't have taken such a long break from triking; it's too much fun! I've been on rides locally, nothing major, but just haven't had the inspiration to write much. But now there's a new light shining! I've changed projects and am now working for a different customer, which means I go to an office about 12 kms from home. I started there on Monday (19th), and after a few days to get my bearings there, I went by trike today!

It was good weather, just a touch cool, but not too cold for biking/triking. The route is quite a busy one, not just with cars, but a lot of bikes too. The annoying thing about the cycle paths here is, where they cross side streets, they haven't lowered the edge of the pavement sufficiently, and that causes quite a bump, which you feel worse on a trike.

I've also been using the trike a lot for geocaching (look it up if you're curious), and I looked for and found two caches on my way home from work today. But more about that in my next post, maybe.