Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 4 of my 1-week, 500 km trike trip

Friday 15 June:

After breakfast we went into town (Kankaanpää) a few kms away, as M&K had some bank business to do.

They were curious to see a cache so I showed them what geocaching is all about by looking for the one by the church. It was a basic one in the stone wall that surrounds the church grounds, so it was a good one to illustrate how geocaching works.
On the way back from town we stopped at the local military base, where there's a cafe that's open to the general public. Matti offered us coffee with doughnuts, which are famous throughout the land! They were good!

After lunch I gave Matti a hand for a while on his building site. They're building a house/cottage on their plot for their son Jukka and family, and it was at the stage where the wooden frame is standing with the roof on it, and they were adding insulation boards to the outside, before the outer boards could be put on.

M&K's house through the window of the new one
After coffee I suggested it was high time Matti tried the trike, so we went to get it out of the garage. He pedalled out to the road and turned right. I went to the road to watch, and somewhere on the long straight he turned right and disappeared. Kaija and I were ready to take pictures when he came back, but he didn't! "He's got stuck talking to the neighbours'" said Kaija. "Let's go and join them." So we walked down there and met them. One by one they all had a go on the trike, the parents, their grown-up son and then Kaija.

The rest of the day was spent just taking it easy, with sauna again in the evening.
Tomorrow I head back!

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